Food Tracker App

Mobile Design
Project Overview

The app will help users easily track, organize and manage the food in their home. The app helps to track expiration date and amount of food in your storage. Users can see what food they need to use first and plan their meals. It also can notify users what food are getting low and users concreate or add to their shopping list. It helps users to avoid unnecessary purchase and reduce food waste.


The app targets anyone who want to reduce their food waste at home which could be general grocery shopper and regular consumers.


To design or create a mobile app that is intuitive to help people prevent or reduce their food waste at home.

  • To prevent or reduce food waste at home
  • Notify foods expiration date
  • Shop smart
  •  Create a shopping list
  • Help to cut down monthly grocery expenses

Key Features

1. Organize food and expiration date with ease

Able to navigate to check your food by storage categories

  • Storage lists for your fridge, freezer andpantry
  • Notify your food by expiration date
  • Notify the amount of food
  • Search and add your food in few seconds
  • Track your food by deleting your food as eaten or expired

2. Add Items by Scanning a Product Barcode or Capture with Camera

  • Simply snap a food photo to add items in your storage list
  • Food AI is based on image classification technology to quickly and accurately identify food items
  • Real-time recommended recipes with as napped item as an ingredient

3. Create or Add items in to the shopping list and find grocery stores nearby

Click " + " to add inventory to your shopping list

  • Easily customize or create your grocery shopping lists when the items are getting in your storage or entering items manually
  • Select items by checking out items as already shopped
  • Able to find grocery stores nearby

Click "Grocery store icon" to find grocery store nearby

4. Recommend Recipes upon ingredients that are currently in your storage.

Recommended Recipes

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